Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/SITe3 :Swope Site3 CCD

LCO/SITe3.u3636.23670.931263999404.41714.1LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, u
LCO/SITe3.B4432.84394.235785730957.73989.8LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, B
LCO/SITe3.g4833.04734.3388056191172.33910.4LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, g
LCO/SITe3.V5406.65358.247976371884.43644.8LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, V
LCO/SITe3.V_LC30145408.15352.947086430970.13627.2LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, V_LC3014
LCO/SITe3.V_LC30095441.75388.147456441923.13619.5LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, V_LC3009
LCO/SITe3.r6264.66185.6539870421130.13122.6LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, r
LCO/SITe3.i7652.47586.0680685171257.12543.7LCOSITe3LCO, Swope SITe3, i

Filter Plots

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