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PLANCK :Planck is a mission of the European Space Agency - ESA. The main objective of Planck was to measure the spatial anisotropies of the temperature of the CMB, with an accuracy set by fundamental astrophysical limits.
PLANCK/HFI :The HFI instrument is designed around 52 bolometers. Twenty of the bolometers (spider-web bolometers or SWBs) are sensitive to total power, and the remaining 32 units are arranged in pairs of orthogonally-oriented polarisation-sensitive bolometers (PSBs).

PLANCK/HFI.857GHz3.53e+63.58e+63.45e+62.88e+64.75e+6913228.900.02867.22e-20PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 857GHz spectral response
PLANCK/HFI.545GHz5.45e+65.54e+65.33e+64.39e+67.34e+61.46e+60.01181.25e-20PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 545GHz spectral response
PLANCK/HFI.353GHz8.41e+68.5e+68.25e+66.76e+61.01e+71.88e+60.00492.16e-21PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 353GH spectral response
PLANCK/HFI.217GHz1.37e+71.39e+71.34e+71.1e+71.67e+73.36e+60.001813.01e-22PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 217GH spectral response
PLANCK/HFI.143GHz2.13e+72.16e+72.08e+71.71e+72.58e+74.95e+60.0007375.09e-23PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 143GH spectral response
PLANCK/HFI.100GHz3.0e+73.04e+72.94e+72.37e+73.63e+76.33e+60.0003671.28e-23PLANCKHFIPLANCK HFI 100GH spectral response

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