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Parasol :PARASOL (Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Science coupled with Observations from a Lidar) is a French (CNES) science mission of the Myriade series, put forward by CNRS/LOA [Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique at USTL (Lille University of Science and Technology), Lille, France], with the general objective to study the Earth's atmosphere.
Parasol/POLDER-P :POLDER-P (Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances - PARASOL) is an improved version of POLDER1/2, designed at the LOA atmospheric optics laboratory in Lille (CNRS-USTL) and built by EADS-Sodern. The objective is the measurement of multidirectional and polarized solar VIS/NIR radiation reflected by the atmosphere and Earth's surface, and

Parasol/POLDER-P.443nm4436.044436.924437.184300.714589.68130.964301.666.55e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 443nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.490nm4913.614914.714916.954757.985096.57160.253677.854.57e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 490nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.565nm5637.875638.645637.105489.455797.64152.783517.163.32e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 565nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.670nm6699.426700.066699.186551.996846.54151.172912.401.95e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 670nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.763nm7628.357628.627628.057519.717734.47109.762528.101.3e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 763nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.765nm7624.947628.747620.547199.988030.93374.432528.341.3e-9ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 765nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.865nm8632.998635.498632.538286.589000.73341.562231.718.98e-10ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 865nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.910nm9069.699070.579070.948854.719294.09215.602286.438.33e-10ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 910nm spectral response
Parasol/POLDER-P.1020nm10194.6310195.1910194.8110012.4310373.39169.652078.626.0e-10ParasolPOLDERParasol POLDER-P 1020nm spectral response

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