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Palomar :Palomar Observatory
Palomar/Arp1961 :Palomar photographic system in Arp 1961.

Palomar/Arp1961.103aO_atm3839.803945.644057.652800.005000.001555.052772.325.05e-9Palomar 103a-O plate (+atmosphere) sensitivity
Palomar/Arp1961.103aO_Sch4095.074152.774209.243300.005000.001186.503278.065.55e-9Palomar 103a-O plate (+atmosphere + 48inch Schmidt corrector) sensitivity
Palomar/Arp1961.103aO_WG24136.814187.874231.723400.005000.001144.833379.725.66e-9Palomar 103a-O plate (+WG2) sensitivity
Palomar/Arp1961.103aO_B4353.494401.244377.493608.445824.001063.163843.476.01e-9Palomar 103a-O plate (+B filter + GG13 filter) sensitivity

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