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SOHO :SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.
SOHO/EIT :The SOHO Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope

SOHO/EIT.171A_Al2174.85174.89 170.02184.006.73  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 171A band with Al+2 filter
SOHO/EIT.171A_Al1174.86174.91 170.02184.006.85  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 171A band with Al+1 filter
SOHO/EIT.171A_clear174.86174.91 170.02184.006.82  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 171A band with clear filter
SOHO/EIT.195A_Al2190.91191.13 175.18215.0012.02  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 195A band with Al+2 filter
SOHO/EIT.195A_Al1191.04191.26 175.21215.0012.22  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 195A band with Al+1 filter
SOHO/EIT.195A_clear191.07191.30 175.22215.0012.18  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 195A band with clear filter
SOHO/EIT.284A_Al2275.05275.95 238.22294.6715.27  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 284A band with Al+2 filter
SOHO/EIT.284A_Al1276.13276.75 245.71294.7114.69  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 284A band with Al+1 filter
SOHO/EIT.284A_clear276.52277.06 246.82294.7414.69  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 284A band with clear filter
SOHO/EIT.304A_Al2292.64296.17 172.29334.0327.15  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 304A band with Al+2 filter
SOHO/EIT.304A_Al1296.90299.13 214.17334.6124.84  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 304A band with Al+1 filter
SOHO/EIT.304A_clear298.24300.09 225.78334.8224.79  SOHOEITSOHO EIT 304A band with clear filter

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