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Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
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DSCOVR :DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) will succeed NASA's Advanced Composition Explore's (ACE) role in supporting solar wind alerts and warnings from the L1 orbit, the neutral gravity point between the Earth and sun approximately one million miles from Earth.
DSCOVR/EPIC :EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera) is a 10-channel spectroradiometer (317 780 nm) onboard NOAA's DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory)

DSCOVR/EPIC.317nm3174.063174.073174.043160.003190.0012.171173.363.49e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 317nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.325nm3249.353249.353249.343240.003260.2010.561195.393.39e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 325nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.340nm3397.593397.633397.633366.713424.7527.631262.343.28e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 340nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.388nm3877.913877.933875.843854.123902.4126.263190.906.36e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 388nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.443nm4423.024423.054423.034399.174451.2827.504439.276.8e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 443nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.551nm5514.615514.645514.595490.435540.8530.023592.313.54e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 551nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.680nm6797.856797.896797.826757.306862.4920.042883.981.87e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 680nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.687nm6875.296875.296875.296865.376889.778.692846.201.81e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 687nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.764nm7636.707636.707636.707624.827650.7610.382521.191.3e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 764nm band normalized SRF
DSCOVR/EPIC.779nm7792.207792.207792.237771.317812.4218.792447.981.21e-9DSCOVREPICDSCOVR EPIC 779nm band normalized SRF

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