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KPNO :Kitt Peak National Observatory
KPNO/Flamingos :Florida Infrared Imaging Multi-object Spectrograph

KPNO/Flamingos.J12444.9012470.2812407.9011503.6713441.841496.271565.023.05e-10KPNOFlamingosFlamingos Barr J at 77K
KPNO/Flamingos.JH12729.9913944.8110916.844940.7119271.388545.821293.273.25e-10KPNOFlamingosFlamingos JH filter at 300K
KPNO/Flamingos.H16299.6816361.0516221.2814722.2518024.752744.791039.161.18e-10KPNOFlamingosFlamingos Barr H at 77K
KPNO/Flamingos.HK18297.2419215.2617153.7812739.7026000.0010019.04831.958.48e-11KPNOFlamingosFlamingos HK filter at 300K
KPNO/Flamingos.Ks21400.1521459.3021310.4019635.1223399.873039.44676.494.47e-11KPNOFlamingosFlamingos Barr Ks at 77K
KPNO/Flamingos.K21941.3822007.6321842.3919833.1224007.003242.45647.614.07e-11KPNOFlamingosFlamingos K filter (cryogenic temp)

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