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NOT :Nordic Optical Telescope
NOT/ALFOSC :The Andalucia Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera

NOT/ALFOSC.Bes_U3600.853617.413669.793102.794129.62580.281786.313.98e-9NOTALFOSCBessell U
NOT/ALFOSC.Bes_B4306.124346.664321.003579.815682.691004.433927.166.31e-9NOTALFOSCBessell B
NOT/ALFOSC.Bes_V5389.635417.185365.764786.006447.52885.243636.943.79e-9NOTALFOSCBessell V
NOT/ALFOSC.Bes_R6396.646464.126330.815551.698522.761279.533033.262.27e-9NOTALFOSCBessell R
NOT/ALFOSC.i7977927.597966.417885.037103.458872.451499.402428.491.17e-9NOTALFOSCinterference i
NOT/ALFOSC.Bes_I8559.608682.268466.916392.6010246.302578.962309.989.66e-10NOTALFOSCBessell I.

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