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TAUVEX :The TAUVEX (Tel-Aviv University UV Explorer) Observatory is a collaborative project between the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) and Tel Aviv University (TAU) to observe the ultraviolet (UV) sky

TAUVEX/TAUVEX.SF11754.611782.321769.411296.732244.17497.45644.396.17e-9TAUVEXTAUVEXTAUVEX SF1 approx. filter
TAUVEX/TAUVEX.NBF32194.102201.482192.411934.032581.96241.89764.184.77e-9TAUVEXTAUVEXTAUVEX NBF3 approx. filter
TAUVEX/TAUVEX.SF22219.392250.902220.271645.062997.36505.82770.564.69e-9TAUVEXTAUVEXTAUVEX SF2 approx. filter
TAUVEX/TAUVEX.BBF2469.222545.332492.941716.893605.76966.91856.754.13e-9TAUVEXTAUVEXTAUVEX BBF approx. filter
TAUVEX/TAUVEX.SF32556.572592.272570.331691.203365.57541.25863.513.92e-9TAUVEXTAUVEXTAUVEX SF3 approx. filter

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