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IKONOS :Ikonos is a commercial high-resolution imaging satellite of DigitalGlobe, Longmont, CO, USA, providing high-resolution imagery on a commercial basis.
IKONOS/OSA :OSA (Optical Sensor Assembly) features a Cassegrain-type telescope with a 70 cm diameter primary mirror, a 10 m focal length (folded optics design).

IKONOS/OSA.Blue48326.9948755.7847773.7740796.4773103.637221.65154.781.99e-12IKONOSOSAIKONOS OSA Blue RSR
IKONOS/OSA.Green55233.4955772.7554582.1544951.4589529.219278.13120.481.18e-12IKONOSOSAIKONOS OSA Green RSR
IKONOS/OSA.Red66448.1766633.7866148.7957110.1078852.637113.5383.755.69e-13IKONOSOSAIKONOS OSA Red RSR
IKONOS/OSA.Pan68262.0772510.9261598.9338965.25103480.0041397.7892.365.94e-13IKONOSOSAIKONOS OSA Panchromatic RSR
IKONOS/OSA.NIR77699.7779163.7372760.0640769.1792091.009619.7167.523.35e-13IKONOSOSAIKONOS OSA NIR RSR

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