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IRTF :NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF)
IRTF/MORIS :MIT Optical Rapid Imaging System (MORIS) is a facility science camera used for observing on the IRTF. This high-speed, visible wavelength camera is mounted on the side window of SpeX, a near-IR imager and spectrograph.

IRTF/MORIS.g2612.142799.102682.351367.083747.751331.00911.414.0e-9IRTFMORISMORIS g filter
IRTF/MORIS.V3384.513471.683587.732533.814888.671302.731656.704.34e-9IRTFMORISMORIS V filter
IRTF/MORIS.VR4110.964352.884367.272541.015894.542288.502732.794.85e-9IRTFMORISMORIS VR filter
IRTF/MORIS.r4552.404653.884569.053395.785815.851669.603693.025.34e-9IRTFMORISMORIS r filter
IRTF/MORIS.Dichr_800nm4085.095141.164582.741035.059993.004263.692087.923.75e-9IRTFMORISMORIS 0.8mic dichroic
IRTF/MORIS.Dichr_950nm4465.525747.554854.581035.369993.005447.012120.443.19e-9IRTFMORISMORIS 0.95mic dichroic
IRTF/MORIS.OG5906090.026507.845713.203901.929827.004225.123373.112.73e-9IRTFMORISMORIS OG590 filter
IRTF/MORIS.i6587.056660.296509.645431.107911.741896.752993.552.07e-9IRTFMORISMORIS i filter
IRTF/MORIS.z8249.068286.928220.537451.8510032.001128.972347.891.03e-9IRTFMORISMORIS z filter

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