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OLIMPO :OLIMPO: a mm and submm telescope on a stratospheric balloon.

OLIMPO/OLIMPO.460GHz6.46e+66.48e+66.42e+65.71e+67.22e+6585873.530.008426.14e-21OLIMPOOLIMPOOLIMPO 460GHz filter normalized spectral response
OLIMPO/OLIMPO.350GHz8.54e+68.55e+68.51e+67.77e+69.54e+6694037.360.004781.98e-21OLIMPOOLIMPOOLIMPO 350GHz filter normalized spectral response
OLIMPO/OLIMPO.250GHz1.23e+71.28e+71.17e+78.65e+62.01e+75.04e+60.002224.87e-22OLIMPOOLIMPOOLIMPO 250GHz filter normalized spectral response
OLIMPO/OLIMPO.150GHz2.0e+72.01e+71.98e+71.62e+72.61e+73.48e+60.0008456.49e-23OLIMPOOLIMPOOLIMPO 150GHz filter normalized spectral response

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