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Misc/AndromedA :AndromedA observatory was opened in 2014 and it is located in the city of Sofia at 843 m above sea level.

Misc/AndromedA.Ucb3529.943550.593599.573076.993986.98741.101663.003.85e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Chroma U Bessell filter
Misc/AndromedA.U3628.973644.113696.953082.194183.10527.021853.104.06e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Schuler U filter
Misc/AndromedA.B4210.784248.444242.933322.295208.14954.513827.776.37e-9AndromedA AndRomedA observatory Schuler B filter
Misc/AndromedA.Bcb4391.714415.614381.093899.394925.34898.414113.066.42e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Chroma B Bessell filter
Misc/AndromedA.Vcb5294.295310.995279.484791.945814.92823.083710.273.99e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Chroma V Bessell filter
Misc/AndromedA.V5380.875414.455353.064658.086579.69980.783626.993.79e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Schuler V filter
Misc/AndromedA.Rcb6381.926422.066339.355550.217176.631376.853046.652.27e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Chroma R Bessell filter
Misc/AndromedA.R6466.036571.606367.234660.869442.271590.882985.542.21e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Schuler R filter
Misc/AndromedA.I8294.418392.728219.036967.379886.102159.552366.481.05e-9AndromedA AndromedA observatory Schuler I filter
Misc/AndromedA.Icb8532.598648.988445.547170.1410126.462741.952321.249.76e-10AndromedA AndromedA observatory Chroma I Bessell filter

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