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FengYun :Fengyun, abbreviated FY, are China's weather satellites. China has launched polar orbit and geosynchronous orbit meteorological satellites since 1988.
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR :MVISR used to fly on FY-1C/D satellites (service period 1999-2011). It is a 10 channel radiometer with observational resolution 1100 m at the nadir point of the satellite. The measurement of the instrument can be used to derive the vegetation index, optical path of the atmosphere, sea color; to monitor fires, snow, sea ice, and so on.

FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH074544.254550.664543.434064.994882.53329.274218.186.13e-9FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 7 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH085065.995072.625064.774710.315473.42379.953806.254.45e-9FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 8 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH095582.095587.685576.635223.196004.04374.483547.443.42e-9FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 9 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH016225.886245.126200.775488.897124.99798.353107.372.42e-9FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 1 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH028690.998699.468688.568144.229765.19532.972240.708.9e-10FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 2 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH109325.199333.649317.968380.0010100.00617.392235.647.72e-10FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 10 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY1D-MVISR.CH0616002.6516008.7115995.0615181.6716858.87693.511040.651.22e-10FY-1DMVISRFY-1D MVISR Channel 6 Spectral Response

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