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KPNO :Kitt Peak National Observatory
KPNO/TIFKAM :TIFKAM is a general-purpose 1-2.5 micron imager and moderate-resolution spectrometer built as collaboration between Ohio State and the MDM (Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT) Observatory.

KPNO/TIFKAM.J12634.6812727.9012509.2210900.4014636.962803.231526.412.92e-10KPNOTIFKAMTIFKAM J Barr filter
KPNO/TIFKAM.H16410.9316485.8616315.2414507.3718476.532964.911028.991.16e-10KPNOTIFKAMTIFKAM H Barr filter
KPNO/TIFKAM.Ks21162.1521237.6321050.6319146.0023304.003440.63688.554.66e-11KPNOTIFKAMTIFKAM Ks OCLI filter
KPNO/TIFKAM.K22039.7022146.2021882.2319386.0324976.394127.58642.034.02e-11KPNOTIFKAMTIFKAM K Barr filter

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