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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/WIRC :WIRC, the wide field infrared camera, contains four 1024 x 1024 Hawaii HgCdTe arrays mounted in a common focal plane.

LCO/WIRC.Y_CSP210399.6610424.7510365.279473.9911250.161233.792014.845.62e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, Y (full) (since 2011)
LCO/WIRC.Y10458.7210479.7710429.309538.1111239.721089.861998.585.51e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, Y (full) (up to 2011)
LCO/WIRC.J12431.6012475.8912368.7610972.5613672.551781.661566.763.07e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, J (full) (up to 2011)
LCO/WIRC.J_CSP212444.7912489.3612381.4110872.1313781.141729.191563.643.06e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, J (full) (since 2011)
LCO/WIRC.H_CSP216219.6516283.0616137.4214519.6117930.542580.931046.301.2e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, H (full) (since 2011)
LCO/WIRC.H16242.7216306.4916159.3414438.5517924.522398.841044.071.2e-10LCOWIRCLCO, duPont WIRC, H (full) (up to 2011)

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