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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/OGLE-IV :The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) project is a long term project with the main goal of searching for the dark matter with microlensing phenomena.

LCO/OGLE-IV.V5361.885386.215340.094451.986037.29923.853690.123.85e-9LCOOGLEOGLE-IV V filter (filter + ave. CCD)
LCO/OGLE-IV.V_filter5366.465390.825344.604452.786040.21906.363687.463.84e-9LCOOGLEOGLE-IV V filter (filter only)
LCO/OGLE-IV.I7969.948006.087931.816995.978955.201443.362419.921.14e-9LCOOGLEOGLE-IV I filter (filter + ave. CCD)
LCO/OGLE-IV.I_filter8007.658044.597968.707000.468990.491411.892408.321.13e-9LCOOGLEOGLE-IV I filter (filter only)

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