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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/RetroCam :RetroCam is a near-IR imager built especially for the Carnegie Supernova Program.

LCO/RetroCam.Y10404.910346.79469112231251.02020.8LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, Y (full) (up to 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.Y_CSP210424.810365.39474112501233.82014.8LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, Y (full) (since 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.J12482.512373.010876136711734.41564.7LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, J (full) (up to 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.J_CSP212489.412381.410872137811729.21563.6LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, J (full) (since 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.J_old12543.912443.611209138081676.81553.4LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, J old filter (full) (up to 2009)
LCO/RetroCam.H_CSP216283.116137.414520179312580.91046.3LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, H (full) (since 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.H16319.116173.514530179332448.11042.9LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, H (full) (up to 2011)
LCO/RetroCam.K21652.521504.319413237632879.8665.6LCORetroCamLCO, Swope RetroCam, K

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