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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/MagIC :The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Magellan Instant Camera (MagIC II) hosts two CCDs within the same de war: a 2k x 2k SITe CCD and a 1k x 1k e2v CCD.

LCO/MagIC.sdss_u3568.73594.431063983494.81524.6LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, SDSS u'
LCO/MagIC.B4318.34300.4352857041056.23845.9LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, Harris B
LCO/MagIC.sdss_g4812.24734.1409255101155.33960.1LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, SDSS g'
LCO/MagIC.V5434.25377.847986529915.83629.5LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, V 535
LCO/MagIC.sdss_r6186.26101.7530669621333.63168.3LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, SDSS r'
LCO/MagIC.R6627.76427.3547792961601.32958.7LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, R 631
LCO/MagIC.sdss_i7640.37566.3664384501393.22548.4LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, SDSS i'
LCO/MagIC.I8273.38158.1713293761952.82371.3LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, Mould I
LCO/MagIC.sdss_z9074.79038.0822098951389.32255.4LCOMagICLCO, MagIC, SDSS z'

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