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LCO :Las Campanas Observatory
LCO/MMIRS :MMT and Magellan InfraRed Spectrograph (MMIRS) is a near infrared (NIR) imager and multi-object spectrograph with a 6.9'x 6.9' imaging field-of-view.

LCO/MMIRS.Y10200.510166.29423110541077.62093.2LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS Y
LCO/MMIRS.zJ12299.411596.89326152715259.61610.7LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS zJ
LCO/MMIRS.J12519.112453.011490135841545.81556.0LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS J
LCO/MMIRS.H16437.116293.414649182672833.61032.5LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS H
LCO/MMIRS.Hk317967.316070.5120902374510534.8921.6LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS Hk3
LCO/MMIRS.Hk18805.516508.9122462543211524.4861.3LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS Hk
LCO/MMIRS.K21612.321454.019541238333141.3668.3LCOMMIRSLCO, MMIRS K

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