VOSA. Help and Documentation

Version 7.5, July 2022

1. Introduction
2. Input files
2.1. Upload files
2.2. VOSA file format
2.3. Single object
2.4. Manage files
2.5. Archiving
2.6. Filters
3. Objects
3.1. Coordinates
3.2. Distances
3.3. Extinction
4. Build SEDs
4.1. VO photometry
4.2. SED
4.3. Excess
5. Analysis
5.1. Model Fit
5.2. Bayes analysis
5.3. Template Fit
5.4. Templates Bayes
5.5. Binary Fit
5.6. HR diagram
5.7. Upper Limits
5.8. Statistics
6. Save results
6.1. Download
6.2. SAMP
6.3. References
6.4. Log file
6.5. Plots
7. VOSA Architecture
8. Phys. Constants
9. FAQ
10. Use Case
11. Quality
11.1. Stellar libraries
11.2. VO photometry
11.3. Binary Fit Quality
12. Credits
12.1. VOSA
12.2. Th. Spectra
12.3. Templates
12.4. Isochrones
12.5. VO Photometry
12.6. Coordinates
12.7. Distances
12.8. Dereddening
12.9. Extinction
13. Helpdesk
14. About
. Excess calculation
. Total flux calculation
. VOphot quality info

Archived files/Restore

Every file that you upload into VOSA is keeped in our server together with all the information related to every action that you do to the objects in that file (photometry, fit results, plots, etc.). You can come later and continue your work on any of your files at the point where you left it.

But if you haven't done any action on a file for 3 months we understand that you are not doing an active work on it and you do not really need it to be so easily accesible.

Thus, we archive files that have not been used in the last 3 months to save VOSA disk space and maintanaince.

Those files will be displayed in a different style in VOSA and you will not be able to select them directly.

But if you really want to use that file again, you can click in the "Restore" link. VOSA will recover all the content so that you can work with it again.

The process will be almost inmediate for small files but could take a while if your file is big.

When everythink is ready you will see a message.

And when you click the "Continue" link, the content of your file will be available again.

In any case, please, whenever you are done with a file and you do not need it to be archived by us anymore, we would appreciate if you could delete it. VOSA space is large but it has its limits!