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Subaru :Subaru Telescope
Subaru/MOIRCS :MOIRCS (Multi-Object InfraRed Camera and Spectrograph) provides wide-field imaging and long-slit/multi-object (MOS) spectroscopic capabilities in the 0.9 ~ 2.5 ┬Ám spectral range under the natural seeing condition.

Subaru/MOIRCS.Y10231.5010243.7010218.139604.0810899.04978.812079.575.97e-10SubaruMOIRCSMOIRCS Y
Subaru/MOIRCS.J12505.5412532.8112466.4211527.8613539.431536.971553.763.0e-10SubaruMOIRCSMOIRCS J
Subaru/MOIRCS.H16309.4016371.2016230.4814722.6318029.892787.991038.251.18e-10SubaruMOIRCSMOIRCS H
Subaru/MOIRCS.Ks21394.8221453.0121306.2819594.6823358.783037.40676.844.47e-11SubaruMOIRCSMOIRCS Ks
Subaru/MOIRCS.K21948.9022041.6621811.4219558.8124643.083869.55646.964.08e-11SubaruMOIRCSMOIRCS K

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