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NewHorizons :New Horizons is a NASA mission designed to fly by Pluto and its moon Charon and transmit images and data back to Earth. It will then continue on into the Kuiper Belt where it will fly by a one or more Kuiper Belt Objects and return further data.
NewHorizons/MVIC :Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC) is an imager that operates at both visible and near-infrared wavelengths using seven separate Charge-Coupled Device detectors (CCDs).id:NewHorizons/MVIC.a

NewHorizons/MVIC.Blue_fil4579.834662.494570.203659.265579.171464.923844.635.5e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Blue filter (filter only)
NewHorizons/MVIC.Blue4924.344968.154889.164000.005580.48769.673928.424.86e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Blue filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.Red_fil6171.586219.386118.455383.347026.351382.023197.302.52e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Red filter (filter only)
NewHorizons/MVIC.Red6235.116281.296182.935389.767026.891167.033158.742.44e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Red filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.Pan16919.637305.086530.004000.0010060.003562.552981.481.87e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Pan1 filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.Pan26919.637305.086530.004000.0010060.003562.552981.481.87e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Pan2 filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.Clear_fil6867.567780.006160.383500.0011000.005445.253034.641.93e-9NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC Clear filter (filter only)
NewHorizons/MVIC.NIR8611.918667.828578.677738.1810060.001413.872293.139.27e-10NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC NIR filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.CH48834.578838.378834.658479.039189.01455.092252.418.65e-10NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC CH4 filter
NewHorizons/MVIC.CH4_fil8850.998854.798851.058482.809195.10476.752254.508.63e-10NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC CH4 filter (filter only)
NewHorizons/MVIC.NIR_fil9292.659422.859193.847744.4011000.002745.812196.957.63e-10NewHorizonsMVICNew Horizons MVIC NIR filter (filter only)

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