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Landsat :Landsat 8 provides moderate-resolution (15m-100m, depending on spectral frequency) measurements of the Earth's terrestrial and polar regions in the visible, near-infrared, short wave infrared, and thermal infrared.
Landsat/OLI :The Operational Land Imager (OLI) is a push-broom sensor with a four-mirror telescope and 12-bit quantization. OLI collects data for visible, near infrared, and short wave infrared spectral bands as well as a panchromatic band.

Landsat/OLI.Coastal4429.554430.364431.924311.184555.21158.344222.836.45e-9LandsatOLILandsat OLI Coastal relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.Blue4822.684832.294812.304464.945154.55533.603961.085.13e-9LandsatOLILandsat OLI Blue relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.Green5610.825618.395603.545248.715955.01546.643523.763.36e-9LandsatOLILandsat OLI Green relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.Pan5895.345958.795826.234951.536842.441433.293291.002.91e-9LandsatOLILandsat OLI Pan relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.Red6545.166547.946541.506303.836777.43364.412902.792.03e-9LandsatOLILandsat OLI Red relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.NIR8645.288646.598645.298427.668865.04281.232205.978.85e-10LandsatOLILandsat OLI NIR relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.Cirrus13734.6313735.1213733.9613547.1413919.65202.661358.632.16e-10LandsatOLILandsat OLI Cirrus relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.SWIR116088.7316095.2716080.1615392.8516747.82821.961053.201.22e-10LandsatOLILandsat OLI SWIR1 relative spectral response
Landsat/OLI.SWIR222005.4222026.6421975.9620711.4923241.301768.14643.113.99e-11LandsatOLILandsat OLI SWIR2 relative spectral response

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