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KPNO :Kitt Peak National Observatory
KPNO/KP4in :KPNO list of 4Inch filters

KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_u3455.63454.330533850488.41289.3KPNOKP4inGunn u
KPNO/KP4in.Strom_u3534.23533.432653800277.51310.2KPNOKP4inStromgren u
KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_v3978.44007.835254697500.03427.5KPNOKP4inGunn v
KPNO/KP4in.Strom_v4101.44100.139324297166.14144.3KPNOKP4inStromgren v
KPNO/KP4in.Strom_b4727.64723.345374941197.14118.4KPNOKP4inStromgren b
KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_g4956.04929.344495529707.23886.8KPNOKP4inGunn g
KPNO/KP4in.Strom_y5506.55503.052675756246.03592.4KPNOKP4inStromgren y
KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_r6501.36467.859237275745.82989.7KPNOKP4inGunn r
KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_I8160.98102.8728292631271.42370.3KPNOKP4inGunn I
KPNO/KP4in.Gunn_z10250.99952.18148120003463.52020.2KPNOKP4inGunn z

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