Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

ISO/PHT-P.3_29mu33043.232996.131147352081828.4314.8ISOPHTISO PHT-P 3.29 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.3_6mu35899.534991.429559416108139.2273.7ISOPHTISO PHT-P 3.6 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.4_85mu48558.046979.5399235851813935.8157.0ISOPHTISO PHT-P 4.85 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.7_3mu73975.868740.3543869379926929.471.7ISOPHTISO PHT-P 7.3 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.7_7mu76622.576341.870511839106843.864.9ISOPHTISO PHT-P 7.7 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.10mu100033.898952.98825911356315771.338.9ISOPHTISO PHT-P 10 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.11_3mu113530.4113336.61066171213006178.830.2ISOPHTISO PHT-P 11.3 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.11_5mu118898.6106234.27917015576252559.929.0ISOPHTISO PHT-P 11.5 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.12_8mu128181.6126812.511289014528120803.224.0ISOPHTISO PHT-P 12.8 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.16mu151594.4149926.613542217667919330.917.2ISOPHTISO PHT-P 16 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.20mu210278.3195297.014785025567765552.89.2ISOPHTISO PHT-P 20 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.25mu237987.4227114.718521330736667758.27.2ISOPHTISO PHT-P 25 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.60mu608540.7562712.9391659748856134173.01.1ISOPHTISO PHT-P 60 μm filter.
ISO/PHT-P.100mu1023882.1968274.87005801392759286340.00.4ISOPHTISO PHT-P 100 μm filter.

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

(Plot them zoomed to their own λ range)

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