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IAC80 :The IAC80 telescope, setted for observations in the optical, was fully designed and built by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) and it was the first of its class developed in Spain.
IAC80/TCP :The TCP camera (Tromsoe CCD Photometer) is a portable instrument optimized for fast readout photometry (Windowed system) based on CCD technology.

IAC80/TCP.U3626.783642.373697.973140.024148.42564.931867.384.09e-9IAC80TCPIAC80 telescope, TCP U filter
IAC80/TCP.B4309.594349.444321.243591.495698.49987.663944.646.33e-9IAC80TCPIAC80 telescope, TCP B filter
IAC80/TCP.V5337.965364.145316.744748.456366.13858.583661.373.88e-9IAC80TCPIAC80 telescope, TCP V filter
IAC80/TCP.R6395.556461.106331.345524.418485.341273.053034.212.27e-9IAC80TCPIAC80 telescope, TCP R filter
IAC80/TCP.I8712.428888.368579.057020.2511989.772978.492265.729.23e-10IAC80TCPIAC80 telescope, TCP I filter

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