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HST :The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to operate a space-based observatory for the benefit of the international astronomical community.
HST/FOS_RED :The Faint Object Spectrograph (FOS), red detector.

HST/FOS_RED.G780H3560.364358.674094.101578.888347.863842.182371.944.24e-9HSTFOSG780H grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G190H3656.684394.034155.611605.168366.813727.702432.324.22e-9HSTFOSG190H grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G160L3651.574394.634155.141582.308365.333724.782433.804.23e-9HSTFOSG160L grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.MIRROR3639.084401.354152.731582.618398.913702.892440.844.24e-9HSTFOSMIRROR grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G270H3769.154455.694223.701620.238382.893638.122498.264.2e-9HSTFOSG270H grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G400H3786.234518.424254.551587.748391.953391.212593.464.3e-9HSTFOSG400H grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.PRISM3983.704577.234348.241615.298405.193427.612669.624.23e-9HSTFOSPRISM grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G570H4770.545157.474770.181626.558412.082664.693365.434.43e-9HSTFOSG570H grating for HST FOS_RED
HST/FOS_RED.G650L4982.855363.014945.851626.118443.062852.733355.784.11e-9HSTFOSG650L grating for HST FOS_RED

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