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Gemini :Gemini Observatory
Gemini/NIFS :NIFS provides 3D imaging spectroscopy with spectral resolving power (lambda/delta lambda) of R~5000 over a 3.0

Gemini/NIFS.ZJ10620.6011144.8010097.317141.0214913.646327.531793.905.27e-10GeminiNIFSNIFS Z-J filter at 77K
Gemini/NIFS.ZJ_298K10620.6011144.8010097.317141.0214913.646327.531793.905.27e-10GeminiNIFSNIFS Z-J filter at 298K
Gemini/NIFS.JH15281.0615764.5014652.2611451.3820339.897541.551117.531.56e-10GeminiNIFSNIFS J-H filter at 77K
Gemini/NIFS.JH_298K15323.3015802.7114699.7811500.6320361.087526.331113.081.54e-10GeminiNIFSNIFS J-H filter at 298K
Gemini/NIFS.HK20432.8321182.8419430.2715281.0127009.8710746.91703.925.59e-11GeminiNIFSNIFS H-K filter at 77K
Gemini/NIFS.HK_298K20499.8421231.4519518.3615371.9927009.8710645.46700.945.52e-11GeminiNIFSNIFS H-K filter at 298K

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