Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_u3550.93575.630773987518.71499.8CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS u' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.B4270.84265.5350152311001.03817.9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam B filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_g4791.54692.5386256301405.63931.5CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS g' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Y5374.95304.6461265941083.73629.3CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Y filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_r6258.56177.4543569961292.13129.6CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS r' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Rc6686.66452.9546897321771.62933.9CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Rc filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_i7685.27607.0676485381477.62531.7CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS i' filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.Ic8077.37977.9705292521718.22407.5CTIOY4KCamY4KCam Ic filter
CTIO/Y4KCam.sdss_z9080.09044.0824899141359.42254.6CTIOY4KCamY4KCam SDSS zi' filter

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

(Plot them zoomed to their own λ range)

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