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CTIO :Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
CTIO/SMARTS :The CTIO/SMARTS 0.9m telescope is currently equipped with a optical imaging camera with a field of 16.8 arcmin and pixels 0.401 arcsec on the sky.

CTIO/SMARTS.B14203.684243.294250.533460.705158.361004.413643.966.18e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel B set 1 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.B34203.524243.354250.093459.855161.741013.403644.396.18e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. B set 3 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.B24203.834243.854251.113400.005158.55986.453644.696.18e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. B set 2 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.V25496.355534.085460.814784.686700.00997.503617.173.59e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. V set 2 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.V15509.655546.075474.324838.736716.081042.233614.523.57e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. V set 1 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.V35636.055682.995589.354881.387050.001203.823536.343.34e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. V set 3 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.R26559.366652.836468.165541.628965.041631.833015.162.1e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. R set 2 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.R36559.366652.836468.165541.628965.041631.833015.162.1e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. R set 3 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.R16572.126667.986479.145600.009100.001647.243009.652.09e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. R set 1 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.Kc18027.718059.937991.627134.308926.671335.872392.401.11e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. Kc set 1 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.Kc38095.598131.548058.397153.649347.171375.812377.781.09e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. Kc set 3 filter
CTIO/SMARTS.Kc28096.908133.138059.557150.089383.071377.912377.821.09e-9CTIOSMARTSSMARTS 0.9 tel. Kc set 2 filter

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