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BOK :The 90'' (2.3 m) Bok Telescope on Kitt Peak is the largest telescope operated solely by Steward Observatory.
BOK/BASS :The Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey (BASS) is an ambitious wide-field multicolor survey of 5000 deg2 of the Northern Galactic Cap using the 90prime imager on the 2.3m Bok Telescope at Kitt Peak

BOK/BASS.g_filter4747.814805.594708.373907.695602.691272.903928.005.31e-9BOK90primeBASS g filter (filter only)
BOK/BASS.g4769.454826.304730.013910.675599.091204.143918.795.25e-9BOK90primeBASS g filter (full)
BOK/BASS.r6390.206431.276346.065614.107281.801311.483042.742.27e-9BOK90primeBASS r filter (full)
BOK/BASS.r_filter6396.976437.566353.285614.787280.651303.273039.102.26e-9BOK90primeBASS r filter (filter only)

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