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XMM :The European Space Agency's (ESA) X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton)
XMM/OM :The Optical/UV Monitor Telescope (XMM-OM)id:XMM/OM.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full XMM/OM filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

XMM/OM.UVW2_filter2041.682066.562041.341790.052891.84435.50756.725.44e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVW2 filter transmission only
XMM/OM.UVW22135.592175.322143.841799.803246.22498.35776.805.11e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVW2 filter full effective area
Filter Description

Filter ID (?) :XMM/OM.UVW2
Description (?) :XMM OM UVW2 filter full effective area
Phot.System (?) :XMM
Detector Type (?) :Photon counter
Band Name (?) :UVW2
Obs. Facility (?) :XMM
Instrument (?) :OM
Comments (?) :Filter effective area including the entire telescope response based on inflight measurements.

Take into account that there is a time-dependent, and filter-dependent decline in sensitivity for the OM since launch (which reaches as much as ~20% (in 2019) in the V and furthest UV bands), and that the filter effective areas provided reflect the case at approximately mission start, so any computation of expected output in the OM at a given epoch after mission start, should take these degradation factors into account. The current document describing the degradation is available at

Mathematical properties

Property Calculated Specified Unit
λref (?) : 2135.59 ------- (Angstrom)
λmean (?) : 2175.32 ------- (Angstrom)
λcen (?) : 2092.99 ------- (Angstrom)
λeff (?) : 2143.84 ------- (Angstrom)
λpeak (?) : 2129.77 ------- (Angstrom)
λpivot (?) : 2135.59 ------- (Angstrom)
λphot (?) : 2177.34 ------- (Angstrom)
λmin (?) : 1799.80 ------- (Angstrom)
λmax (?) : 3246.22 ------- (Angstrom)
Weff (?) : 498.35 ------- (Angstrom)
FWHM (?) : 465.65 ------- (Angstrom)
Af/AV (?) : 3.14 ------- ()
Fsun (?) : 5.37 ------- (erg/cm2/s/A)

Effective area

Data file: ascii, VOTable

Reference for filter response: XMM-Newton Users handbook

Transmission components: Filter + Instrument + Atmosphereid:XMM/OM.UVW2

You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full XMM/OM filter set.
Please, take a look to GaiaXPy documentation for more information.

- GaiaXPy base XML file.

Calibration properties

Vega System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 5.10611e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 776.80(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : XMM/OM.UVW2/Vega

AB System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 2.38676e-8(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3631.00(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : XMM/OM.UVW2/AB

ST System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.631e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 552.39(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : XMM/OM.UVW2/ST

Filter added: 2019-03-29 10:43:41
Last update: 2021-07-27 20:50:51
XMM/OM.UVM2_filter2284.662303.832283.061820.842919.17461.94788.534.53e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVM2 filter transmission only
XMM/OM.UVM22326.922347.182326.521883.782994.45478.06794.374.4e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVM2 filter full effective area
XMM/OM.UVW1_filter2895.362947.352934.221795.004033.62743.981031.653.69e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVW1 filter transmission only
XMM/OM.UVW12931.312978.822971.722188.514060.42795.281048.293.66e-9XMMOMXMM OM UVW1 filter full effective area
XMM/OM.U_filter3465.513488.823515.733021.723948.39675.131460.083.64e-9XMMOMXMM OM U filter transmission only
XMM/OM.U3477.013503.233534.743020.384781.62651.081479.733.67e-9XMMOMXMM OM U filter full effective area
XMM/OM.B4337.124365.394331.343718.924963.56926.364088.776.52e-9XMMOMXMM OM B filter full effective area
XMM/OM.B_filter4368.974397.824360.883729.134969.38910.234089.546.42e-9XMMOMXMM OM B filter transmission only
XMM/OM.V5424.665437.595412.134931.815962.73666.403657.393.73e-9XMMOMXMM OM V filter full effective area
XMM/OM.V_filter5450.475463.445437.814942.975976.65699.563641.083.67e-9XMMOMXMM OM V filter transmission only

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