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JPSS :The Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) is the new generation polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system. JPSS is a collaborative program between NOAA and NASA.
JPSS/VIIRS-J1 :Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on board JPSS J1/NOAA-20

JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M14110.194111.454110.783955.904250.59167.924242.007.53e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M1 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M24445.514446.544446.824291.844577.45168.344292.806.51e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M2 band normalized SRF
Filter Description

Filter ID (?) :JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M2
Description (?) :JPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M2 band normalized SRF
Phot.System (?) :VIIRS
Detector Type (?) :Energy counter
Band Name (?) :------
Obs. Facility (?) :JPSS
Instrument (?) :VIIRS
Comments (?) :------

Mathematical properties

Property Calculated Specified Unit
λref (?) : 4445.51 ------- (Angstrom)
λmean (?) : 4446.54 ------- (Angstrom)
λcen (?) : 4448.44 ------- (Angstrom)
λeff (?) : 4446.82 ------- (Angstrom)
λpeak (?) : 4497.79 ------- (Angstrom)
λpivot (?) : 4445.51 ------- (Angstrom)
λphot (?) : 4447.48 ------- (Angstrom)
λmin (?) : 4291.84 ------- (Angstrom)
λmax (?) : 4577.45 ------- (Angstrom)
Weff (?) : 168.34 ------- (Angstrom)
FWHM (?) : 170.43 ------- (Angstrom)
Af/AV (?) : 1.28 ------- ()
Fsun (?) : 191.62 ------- (erg/cm2/s/A)


Data file: ascii, VOTable

Reference for filter response: JPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS

Transmission components: Filter + Instrument

Calibration properties

Vega System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 6.51206e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 4292.80(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M2/Vega

AB System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 5.50813e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3631.00(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M2/AB

ST System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.631e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 2393.58(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M2/ST

Filter added: 2020-08-28 12:31:43
Last update: 2020-12-10 16:32:13
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M34887.694888.854888.924728.955044.23186.683681.424.62e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M3 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M45565.115566.105564.125401.525737.04184.673563.143.45e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M4 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.I16421.546434.076405.755944.166915.43744.153017.722.19e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS I1 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M56671.856672.766673.286496.986850.75196.542863.871.93e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M5 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.DNBMGS6719.416974.276451.424920.098970.003402.523022.862.01e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS DNBMGS band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.DNBLGS6788.007055.636510.214910.029003.713426.542991.611.95e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS DNBLGS band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M67461.257461.647460.837341.667582.11135.552594.141.4e-9JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M6 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.I28672.638674.688672.588426.938923.30360.662235.038.91e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS I2 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M78674.238676.288674.168428.408925.07360.612234.778.9e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M7 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M812384.1712385.0912382.9112140.2912648.65266.771565.843.06e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M8 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M0913750.5013750.7713750.1613613.4613894.18145.631329.692.11e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M09 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.I316033.6816037.7316029.1215443.4516676.66617.441039.501.21e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS I3 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M1016040.1316044.1516035.6315456.9716676.35605.401038.981.21e-10JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M10 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M1122585.8922588.0322582.6722093.6123144.19521.50605.003.56e-11JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M11 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M1236979.5936996.5836950.0235191.1238937.981990.61249.355.47e-12JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M12 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.I437445.2137499.9537358.2634741.4040152.453703.50244.845.23e-12JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS I4 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M1340687.1340697.5640672.8439090.7742247.001564.07208.423.77e-12JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M13 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M1485820.9485841.4885782.0283362.9388792.683235.4050.702.06e-13JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M14 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M15107070.40107215.03106836.1799169.09116387.229578.2633.098.65e-14JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M15 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.I5114338.26114821.68113567.22101707.88130905.9316471.0429.316.72e-14JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS I5 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M16B118646.50118758.40118462.77111015.23126985.048905.0227.055.76e-14JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M16B band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M16118653.90118764.47118472.31111027.83126956.438769.6327.055.76e-14JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M16 band normalized SRF
JPSS/VIIRS-J1.M16A118661.53118770.74118482.16111041.04126925.088634.2527.055.76e-14JPSSVIIRSJPSS J1/NOAA-20 VIIRS M16A band normalized SRF

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