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Gemini :Gemini Observatory
Gemini/NICI :Filters used in NICI, the Near-Infrared Coronagraphic Imager, a dual-channel imager for use on Gemini South.

Gemini/NICI.ED45115782.8215786.1515778.1115350.8516242.14622.421084.571.31e-10GeminiNICINICI ED451, CH4 H 4% S
Gemini/NICI.ED28615841.4615841.8015840.1915667.4116016.57170.491070.771.28e-10GeminiNICINICI ED286, CH4 H 1% S
Gemini/NICI.ED37916019.0116019.3316017.3615857.5216184.68165.481066.781.25e-10GeminiNICINICI ED379, CH4 H 1% Sp
Gemini/NICI.ED29916021.2016021.5316019.6815840.9516197.95166.221066.721.25e-10GeminiNICINICI ED299, CH4 H 1% Sp
Gemini/NICI.ED38116256.7216257.0316256.4416089.0316424.46175.801069.841.21e-10GeminiNICINICI ED381, CH4 H 1% L
Gemini/NICI.ED28316271.8416272.1516271.0916097.8716445.49177.961067.111.21e-10GeminiNICINICI ED283, CH4 H 1% L_2
Gemini/NICI.ED44916521.8316525.3916515.2316064.9716999.83657.711020.041.12e-10GeminiNICINICI ED449, CH4 H 4% L

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