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Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
Grant PID2020-112494GBI00 funded by
Astronomy (7905)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2452)

CTIO :Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
CTIO/ANDICAM :The ANDICAM (A Novel Dual Imaging CAMera) instrument at the 1.3-m CTIO
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full CTIO/ANDICAM filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

CTIO/ANDICAM.B_YALO4367.084398.114367.043644.325035.43914.764029.086.33e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM B, YALO
CTIO/ANDICAM.B_KPNO4392.964433.404380.963612.025299.551067.624015.126.24e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM B, KPNO
CTIO/ANDICAM.V_KPNO5443.855475.505415.374786.206302.501041.053640.333.68e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM V, KPNO
CTIO/ANDICAM.R_KPNO6538.506575.356498.615683.457608.421302.292979.172.09e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM R, KPNO
CTIO/ANDICAM.R_YALO7519.997642.337402.026137.009139.812658.932607.311.38e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM R, YALO
CTIO/ANDICAM.I_KPNO8221.248277.418170.417191.709706.251711.782366.751.05e-9CTIOANDICAMANDICAM I, KPNO
CTIO/ANDICAM.J12439.5612466.5612399.8511481.1313452.981517.491547.353.0e-10CTIOANDICAMANDICAM J
CTIO/ANDICAM.H16242.2816311.6916152.7714549.6818077.062871.151033.711.17e-10CTIOANDICAMANDICAM H
CTIO/ANDICAM.K21376.0321426.3821298.5319604.2023141.602810.04666.714.37e-11CTIOANDICAMANDICAM K

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