Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

CAHA/BUSCA.u3571.73580.832023899344.31405.7CAHABUSCABUSCA u
CAHA/BUSCA.UV3737.03863.0300050171422.82457.6CAHABUSCABUSCA UV Band
CAHA/BUSCA.v4123.54123.639664290179.24196.7CAHABUSCABUSCA v
CAHA/BUSCA.b4658.34657.045484779143.64232.9CAHABUSCABUSCA b
CAHA/BUSCA.Hbn4855.14853.44822488629.72712.8CAHABUSCABUSCA Hβ narrow filter
CAHA/BUSCA.Hbw4868.24867.547624977148.23591.0CAHABUSCABUSCA Hβ wide filter
CAHA/BUSCA.Blue4937.94874.1348160151018.33878.5CAHABUSCABUSCA Blue Band
CAHA/BUSCA.y5488.55485.653075662221.93603.0CAHABUSCABUSCA y
CAHA/BUSCA.WG2805909.65053.5250490006173.92617.5CAHABUSCABUSCA WG280 filter
CAHA/BUSCA.Red6405.46225.7487380101861.93059.2CAHABUSCABUSCA Red Band
CAHA/BUSCA.I8035.47965.7700990151319.62404.9CAHABUSCABUSCA Bessell-Cousins I filter
CAHA/BUSCA.NIR9143.38785.36490110003497.62215.9CAHABUSCABUSCA NIR Band

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

(Plot them zoomed to their own λ range)

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