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SOFIA :Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
SOFIA/FPI :The Focal Plane Imager (FPI+) is the standard tracking camera for the SOFIA telescope with a 1024x1024 pixel science grade CCD sensor.

SOFIA/FPI.u_sdss3778.083778.643786.003675.003848.9479.252261.104.73e-9SOFIAFPIFPI+ SDSS u' filter
SOFIA/FPI.g_sdss4964.955004.494933.553999.855506.54719.093848.434.74e-9SOFIAFPIFPI+ SDSS g' filter
SOFIA/FPI.r_sdss6259.266292.986221.535605.366967.861260.203109.642.41e-9SOFIAFPIFPI+ SDSS r' filter
SOFIA/FPI.i_sdss7586.887622.157549.236865.008478.001284.972555.571.34e-9SOFIAFPIFPI+ SDSS i' filter
SOFIA/FPI.z_sdss8956.769005.448933.158155.0010933.141157.252241.718.42e-10SOFIAFPIFPI+ SDSS z' filter
SOFIA/FPI.daylight9466.229509.289436.158198.0010927.001390.652209.137.44e-10SOFIAFPIFPI+ daylight filter

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