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OSN :Observatorio de Sierra Nevada, IAA-CSIC
OSN/Johnson :OSN Johnson filtersid:OSN/Johnson.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full OSN/Johnson filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

OSN/Johnson.U23633.103647.273698.073151.934110.92517.211813.624.12e-9OSN U Johnson filter, OSN #J06
OSN/Johnson.U3633.113647.293698.103151.934110.92517.241813.714.12e-9OSN U Johnson filter, OSN #J01
OSN/Johnson.B24347.684398.534363.333533.505794.101072.783874.016.14e-9OSN B Johnson filter, OSN #J07
OSN/Johnson.B4347.724398.614363.363533.505794.101072.853873.956.14e-9OSN B Johnson filter, OSN #J02
OSN/Johnson.V25446.045476.275417.564842.926597.46945.513648.583.69e-9OSN V Johnson filter, OSN #J08
OSN/Johnson.V5446.125476.385417.624842.926597.46945.593648.543.69e-9OSN V Johnson filter, OSN #J03
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_R26535.186633.806441.955572.279220.911533.463027.962.13e-9OSN R Cousins filter, OSN #J09
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_R36561.156672.056455.985515.409438.541754.843021.272.1e-9OSN R Cousins filter, OSN #J13
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_R16569.666681.366464.295523.109448.341750.073017.042.1e-9OSN R Cousins filter, OSN #J04
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_I48820.648992.068688.557043.7711938.733162.252292.978.84e-10OSN I Cousins filter, OSN #J12
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_I38823.798996.408690.667041.8811956.903173.502292.528.83e-10OSN I Cousins filter, OSN #J11
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_I28824.748998.068691.137041.8811956.903174.742292.388.82e-10OSN I Cousins filter, OSN #J10
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_I58829.509005.608693.187033.5211999.313212.732292.168.81e-10OSN I Cousins filter, OSN #J14
OSN/Johnson.Cousins_I18852.399028.418716.457042.8012025.293200.332287.038.75e-10OSN I Cousins filter, OSN #J05

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