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GCPD :Filters at GCPD
GCPD/JHKLMN :JHKLMN photometric systemid:GCPD/JHKLMN.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full GCPD/JHKLMN filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

GCPD/JHKLMN.U3511.893531.053551.053010.004100.00657.001438.733.5e-9  U filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.B4390.214430.544369.533709.095550.00972.504323.916.73e-9  B filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.V5501.405537.165467.574698.007204.00889.803617.503.58e-9  V filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.R6819.056939.526695.835233.339400.002070.002908.681.88e-9  R filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.I8657.448780.668568.897000.0011800.002316.002309.239.24e-10  I filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.J12317.3012487.8112094.219693.0015507.003193.551603.943.17e-10  J filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.K21735.8521951.1721429.6918050.0025937.505785.00656.624.17e-11  K filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.Lpp34133.5934370.9033782.7829071.4341500.007010.00291.967.51e-12  Lpp filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.Lp35023.9335395.4534481.2329071.4342750.008800.00281.086.87e-12  Lp filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.M49749.0550311.1748906.0741250.0062500.0011280.00148.251.8e-12  M filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)
GCPD/JHKLMN.N98704.78103240.5092060.3470196.00136000.0043744.9043.161.33e-13  N filter in GCPD-JHKLMN system (ADPS)

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