Filter Profile Service
Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
Grant PID2020-112494GBI00 funded by
Astronomy (7905)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2452)

NOAO :National Optical Astronomy Observatory
NOAO/NEWFIRM :NEWFIRM, the NOAO Extremely Wide Field Infrared Imager, images a 28 x 28 arcmin field of view on the NOAO 4-m

NOAO/NEWFIRM.1056nm10566.7310566.7310566.7210553.9010580.848.871990.035.34e-10Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM 1056nm filter, raw data
NOAO/NEWFIRM.1063nm10633.8610633.8610633.8610620.6010647.629.151971.305.23e-10Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM 1063nm filter, raw data
NOAO/NEWFIRM.1187nm11869.0411869.2011868.8411775.7911965.06113.381667.513.55e-10Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM 1187nm filter, room temp (298K)
NOAO/NEWFIRM.JX12518.5012552.5712469.9111428.3513631.541587.741535.022.94e-10Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM JX filter, room temp (298K)
NOAO/NEWFIRM.HX16294.4816368.1816199.1714583.3318108.372843.591029.891.16e-10Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM HX filter, room temp (298K)
NOAO/NEWFIRM.2096nm20911.9920912.3220911.5020728.8021097.34207.48692.754.75e-11Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM 2096nm filter, room temp (298K)
NOAO/NEWFIRM.KX21430.2921494.4521332.4319474.1723485.702963.30664.874.34e-11Gemini,CTIONEWFIRMNEWFIRM KX filter, room temp (298K)

Filter Plots

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