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Dawn :Dawn is a retired space probe launched by NASA in September 2007 with the mission of studying two of the three known protoplanets of the asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres.
Dawn/FC :The Framing Camera (FC) is a German contribution to the Dawn mission, to map Vesta an Ceres through a clear filter and 7 band-pass filters covering the wavelengths from the visible to the near-IR.

Dawn/FC.F84347.144351.014345.774079.004551.00209.934232.556.71e-9DawnFCDawn FC F8 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F25516.365520.075512.765214.005789.00317.403593.363.54e-9DawnFCDawn FC F2 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F76510.856513.986505.576214.006826.41350.362908.792.06e-9DawnFCDawn FC F7 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F16943.697314.286581.303563.5411004.003430.882961.161.84e-9DawnFCDawn FC F1 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F37486.597489.657483.207161.007802.00409.342585.421.38e-9DawnFCDawn FC F3 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F68283.798285.728281.707993.068546.00323.482294.471.0e-9DawnFCDawn FC F6 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F49184.029186.519183.868839.009537.47365.682267.418.06e-10DawnFCDawn FC F4 filter responsivity
Dawn/FC.F59672.709680.139664.639175.6010283.80501.102178.336.98e-10DawnFCDawn FC F5 filter responsivity

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