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Carlos Rodrigo
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TJO :Telescopio Joan Oro
TJO/LAIA :The LAIA instrument is the optical imager of TJO, available from December 2018. It consists in two components: the CCD camera and the filter wheel. id:TJO/LAIA.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full TJO/LAIA filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

TJO/LAIA.U_filter3607.953625.793681.693063.004173.00589.681785.474.11e-9TJOLAIALAIA U filter (filter only)
TJO/LAIA.U3681.113697.623757.413063.004173.00490.832064.534.57e-9TJOLAIALAIA U filter
TJO/LAIA.B_filter4335.304374.224342.823559.005451.00981.163972.376.34e-9TJOLAIALAIA B filter (filter only)
TJO/LAIA.B4406.104442.404403.533559.005451.00902.954044.726.25e-9TJOLAIALAIA B filter
TJO/LAIA.V_filter5363.725391.785340.454705.006455.00906.613679.163.83e-9TJOLAIALAIA V filter (filter only)
TJO/LAIA.V5368.745396.555345.514705.006455.00902.813677.213.82e-9TJOLAIALAIA V filter
TJO/LAIA.Rc6422.656492.546353.115482.008895.001350.023071.972.23e-9TJOLAIALAIA Rc filter
TJO/LAIA.Rc_filter6455.396531.566380.195482.008895.001413.353057.722.2e-9TJOLAIALAIA Rc filter (filter only)
TJO/LAIA.Ic8259.898352.048188.777014.7410933.251899.852384.471.05e-9TJOLAIALAIA Ic filter
TJO/LAIA.Ic_filter8826.978997.188695.607033.0912000.003112.842290.938.81e-10TJOLAIALAIA Ic filter (filter only)

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