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LBT :The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
LBT/LBCB :LBC Blue camera filters

LBT/LBCB.bessel-U3567.823579.293606.233105.814040.00479.171530.493.6e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue Bessel U filter
LBT/LBCB.bessel-B4199.654233.324231.393550.225230.00911.143804.516.47e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue Bessel B filter
LBT/LBCB.sdss-g_24714.304779.274671.553861.435842.861490.794010.235.41e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue SDSS g filter
LBT/LBCB.sdss-g_14737.534799.354694.633889.315842.771453.484010.995.36e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue SDSS g filter
LBT/LBCB.bessel-V5506.205556.725462.064750.167296.811217.263591.633.55e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue Bessel V filter
LBT/LBCB.sdss-r_26193.316231.506150.035325.677237.991331.603178.602.48e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue SDSS r filter
LBT/LBCB.sdss-r_16214.946250.816174.015393.177232.341281.803164.302.46e-9LBTLBCLBC Blue SDSS r filter

Filter Plots

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