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LYRA :The purpose of the LYRA mission is a multi-color all-sky survey of objects from 3m to 16m from the International Space Station.
LYRA/LYRA :LYRA photometric bandsid:LYRA/LYRA.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full LYRA/LYRA filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

LYRA/LYRA.11971.101973.001971.291831.072160.13112.21760.335.87e-9ISSLYRALYRA 195nm (1) filter
LYRA/LYRA.22169.622171.732169.021999.782365.04130.29782.184.98e-9ISSLYRALYRA 218nm (2) filter
LYRA/LYRA.32722.202726.232723.832470.483085.48203.02937.593.79e-9ISSLYRALYRA 270nm (3) filter
LYRA/LYRA.43536.263549.833577.692974.754117.18422.531481.653.55e-9ISSLYRALYRA 350nm (4) filter
LYRA/LYRA.4a3746.473759.093816.143212.924324.58418.702252.994.81e-9ISSLYRALYRA 374nm (4a) filter
LYRA/LYRA.54467.264517.294465.163457.265692.271013.303973.565.97e-9ISSLYRALYRA 440nm (5) filter
LYRA/LYRA.65527.965551.495505.864728.966866.28714.513590.543.52e-9ISSLYRALYRA 555nm (6) filter
LYRA/LYRA.pan5545.856596.255400.201788.0110850.565785.992738.342.67e-9ISSLYRALYRA broad panchromatic filter
LYRA/LYRA.76958.366966.806950.596378.357638.21434.702804.331.74e-9ISSLYRALYRA 700nm (7) filter
LYRA/LYRA.7a7845.917864.777825.896872.039021.82760.392453.541.19e-9ISSLYRALYRA 785nm (7a) filter
LYRA/LYRA.88230.088247.448214.117229.119299.77754.922329.421.03e-9ISSLYRALYRA 825nm (8) filter
LYRA/LYRA.99280.009299.809267.878136.1710416.95892.342237.207.79e-10ISSLYRALYRA 930nm (9) filter
LYRA/LYRA.109646.379666.309628.828453.9310642.20913.422182.367.03e-10ISSLYRALYRA 1000nm (10) filter

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