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Carlos Rodrigo
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AlSat1 :Algeria Satellite-1 (AlSat1) is a microsatellite of Algeria, the first of five microsatellites launched into the DMC (Disaster Monitoring Constellation) in a time period from 2002-2005.
AlSat1/SLIM6 :SLIM6 (Surrey Linear Imager Multispectral 6 channels - but 3 spectral bands) a standard imager, developed and built by SSTL. On board

AlSat1/SLIM6.Green15616.195631.785600.815113.036139.49819.383535.463.36e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 Green1
AlSat1/SLIM6.Green25616.565632.035601.295123.226141.08816.553535.193.36e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 Green2
AlSat1/SLIM6.Red26555.456562.676547.666162.526965.85583.112932.632.05e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 Red2
AlSat1/SLIM6.Red16556.236563.506548.396164.726972.50585.652933.012.05e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 Red1
AlSat1/SLIM6.NIR28304.348328.088284.887568.129050.021201.092323.871.01e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 NIR2
AlSat1/SLIM6.NIR18309.468333.508290.137579.069038.631213.892324.231.01e-9AlSat1SLIM6AlSat1 SLIM6 NIR1

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