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WISE :Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)

WISE/WISE.W133526.0033526.0033526.0026178.1039628.036626.42309.548.18e-12WISE WISE W1 filter
WISE/WISE.W246028.0046028.0046028.0039464.1454091.4510422.66171.792.42e-12WISE WISE W2 filter
WISE/WISE.W3115608.00115608.00115608.0072057.44176103.2655055.2331.676.52e-14WISE WISE W3 filter
WISE/WISE.W4220883.00220883.00220883.00190828.24279878.6541016.808.365.09e-15WISE WISE W4 filter

Filter Plots

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