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OSIRIS-REX :OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) is a NASA asteroid-study and sample-return mission.[10] The mission's primary goal, is to obtain a sample of at least 60 grams (2.1 oz) from 101955 Bennu, a carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid, and return the sample to Earth for a detailed analysis
OSIRIS-REX: MapCam :MapCam searches the area around Bennu for satellites and outgassing plumes. It maps the asteroid in 4 different colors, informs our model of asteroid shape, and provides high resolution imaging of the

OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Bc4704.174715.454691.604208.005185.00510.684029.055.46e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam B coarse filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Bf4732.284741.474719.014339.595102.93462.694023.235.39e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam B fine filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Vc5479.185488.595470.034990.005963.59571.473619.823.61e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam V coarse filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Vf5491.465499.645483.575089.785917.15540.323611.203.59e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam V fine filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Pan6430.716608.066247.144624.698280.422498.173114.182.26e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam Pan filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Wc6965.906973.816958.236433.197471.55578.632803.381.73e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam W coarse filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Wf6975.696982.736968.426523.687404.65561.192802.581.73e-9OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam W fine filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Xc8457.118467.898449.847738.519087.73703.752272.299.52e-10OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam X coarse filter
OSIRIS-REX/MapCam.Xf8479.378488.898473.347960.159042.44683.002265.869.45e-10OSIRIS-REXMapCamMapCam X fine filter

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