Filter Profile Service
Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
Grant PID2020-112494GBI00 funded by
Astronomy (7905)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2452)

MEX :Mars Express, so called because of the rapid and streamlined development time, represents ESA's first visit to another planet in the Solar System.
MEX/HRSC :High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC)id:MEX/HRSC.a

MEX/HRSC.Blue4372.624413.324396.593412.245161.00756.253911.456.13e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC Blue channel
MEX/HRSC.Green5373.275398.155352.604589.196196.73857.233669.883.81e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC Green channel
MEX/HRSC.P126754.796819.426687.005451.628087.311691.292903.721.91e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC photometry channel
MEX/HRSC.S16758.476825.996687.445446.668089.311679.032904.901.91e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC Stereo 1 channel
MEX/HRSC.ND6761.896826.856693.745462.198083.021743.152900.961.9e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC ND channel
MEX/HRSC.S26768.156835.266697.505443.008093.831736.422899.361.9e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC Stereo 2 channel
MEX/HRSC.Red7485.737493.017477.596975.378075.05474.332586.521.38e-9MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC Red channel
MEX/HRSC.NIR9578.429592.779565.178800.0010436.00804.762198.497.18e-10MEXHRSCMars Express HRSC NIR channel

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