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GCPD :Filters at GCPD
GCPD/DDO :The DDO photometric systemid:GCPD/DDO.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full GCPD/DDO filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

GCPD/DDO.m35_ADPS3453.413460.423457.013150.003793.75374.341287.713.24e-9DDO DDO m35 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m353513.463521.253525.343188.303874.78396.611352.363.28e-9DDO DDO m35 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)
GCPD/DDO.m38_ADPS3817.353822.443856.133546.904141.82326.822680.615.51e-9DDO DDO m38 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m383859.173863.283887.563611.914148.40295.072990.636.02e-9DDO DDO m38 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)
GCPD/DDO.m41_ADPS4163.924164.164164.804093.754237.5080.984533.447.84e-9DDO DDO m41 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m414182.134182.434182.334103.604264.0090.234602.957.89e-9DDO DDO m41 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)
GCPD/DDO.m42_ADPS4255.644255.834255.284195.794322.7871.344545.757.52e-9DDO DDO m42 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m424256.984257.134256.724204.004315.8062.544547.667.52e-9DDO DDO m42 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)
GCPD/DDO.m454511.894512.044511.814458.004570.8064.764337.386.39e-9DDO DDO m45 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)
GCPD/DDO.m45_ADPS4520.424520.614520.254460.004587.5073.414329.466.35e-9DDO DDO m45 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m48_ADPS4882.164883.364882.914700.005040.00192.073675.484.62e-9DDO DDO m48 filter (ADPS)
GCPD/DDO.m484910.424912.024912.844702.455108.80223.423706.014.61e-9DDO DDO m48 filter (revised by Mann & von Braun 2104)

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